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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jimmy Longacre_subjective realist landscape paintings_ INDIAN SUMMER

Painting in the studio, waiting for the weather to change. This one was a lot of jun. I've been wanting to do a format like this one.  With some studio time on my hands, I like to go back into past plein air studies, and select one to reconsider.  I try some different compositional ideas in a few notan sketches, until I hit on something that seems like it could make a strong painting.  Then, I try to work with a color idea that is more developed than I can do when speed painting in the field.  Finally, I try to apply things I'm working on to improve in some way.  In this case, I was trying for a more unified color feel and atmospheric effect.  This kind of exercise lets me re-imagine the scene and develop it according to my memory of the feeling I had while painting the study.

©Jimmy Longacre 2014
8X16 oil on canvas panel

Jimmy Longacre
subjective realist landscape paintings


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