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Friday, April 10, 2015

Golden Bow......Rae Andrews

I guess I am not truly what is termed a 'FLORAL ARTIST' per se.

I do like the freedom and being loose with my watercolors when I tackle this subject. There is NO DRAWING  of this subject first, the artist just has to LET GO and HAVE FUN.

As I am about to teach a WET INTO WET  workshop with FLORALS as the subject, so thought I would 'brush up' (excuse the pun) on my watercolors.

The hard part about wet into wet technique is that paint can get way from you.

It's very easy to lose the whites, which as you know are very important to this artist.

I find with my style of painting, it's best not to overdo realism, just play with the paint and allow it to make the shapes.

The rest is brought together with minimal negative painting.

I will post several samples of this style and subject.
Thanks for visiting my site. :)))

This is a 6.5" x 14" unframed watercolor
$150 plus S/H

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