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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Self-Portrait, by Melissa A. Torres 18x14 acrylic on canvas

The nursing cap is a nearly universally recognized symbol of nursing. It allows patients to quickly identify a nurse in the hospital from other members of the health team.

Although the nursing cap is no longer required as a part of a nurse’s uniform, it still holds the same significance that it did during the time of Florence Nightingale. The nursing cap symbolizes the goal of nurse, which is to provide “service to those in need.” Furthermore, the cap is a sign of the industry’s ageless values of dedication, honesty, wisdom, and faith.[1]

18x14 acrylic on canvas
I used my Senior picture as the reference photo for this portrait. In the original, I was wearing a black smock given to us by the photographer. I graduated in 1997, no longer having the "capping" ceremony, my college had a "pinning" ceremony. I have always liked how professional the white uniform and cap look, however, it is somewhat impractical this day and age. 

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