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Monday, October 19, 2015

"Mirror, Mirror" 16" x 12" oil painting of reflections of a Cypress swamp by Mark Nesmith

Mirror, Mirror
by Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas
16" x 12"

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As a boy some of my fondest memories were hiking through the Big Thicket with my father. He directed the summer camp for the YMCA and we'd often take field trips to the Katy Nature Trail near Kountze. The cypress sloughs were always our favorite. Seeing the ancient trees reflected in the shallow water is an image that has lasted in my mind my whole life. To this day I return to the Big Thicket to sketch and take photographs. I seek out Cypress anywhere I can, and someday hope to complete a whole series of them like Monet's water lilies.

I kept thinking I would do more to this little canvas, but every time I came back to it I stopped myself. I love the contrast of the warm tones in the Cypress trunks and background against the cool jewel-like blues in the foreground.

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