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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Contemporary Abstract Landscape, Fine Art Painting “The Way Out is Up” by Passionate Purposeful Painter Holly Hunter Berry

Sometimes after I've been painting several hours I step back and am surprised to see an image I didn't purposely paint. In addition to those surprises some paintings seem to paint themselves with little effort. This painting, "The Way Out Is Up" is one of those special paintings. When I stand and stare at it with my eyes fixed on it all of a sudden I feel transported to the middle of a forest. I can hear the birds singing and the breeze gently rustling the leaves as a sense of calm pours over me. I was very surprised at how effortlessly this painting came together with all it's subtle greens and the light from above filtering through. The story behind the title for this painting is this...I get lost very easily and so how do I find my way? I need to look up... In the forest if I was lost and if I had remembered any of my "cub scout mom lessons" I might have a compass with me but otherwise maybe I would look up and search for the sun to get an idea of the direction I was going. Outside of the forest and meandering through the "day to day messes" I have learned that the way out of those piles of trouble is to look up for the Son. Just thought I would share with has been what has blessed me and been my comfort. Thank you for stopping to look at my painting and read this!

24"x18"x2.0” Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Available

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