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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upper Falls - An Original 10 x 8 Plein Air Landscape Oil Painting by George De Chiara

Upper Falls © 
10x8 inches  Oil
George De Chiara

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I've painted at this location a lot over the last two years. It's a view I never get tired of and one I still haven't completely captured. There's something that always seems to elude me when I'm standing in front of these waterfalls trying to capture them in paint.  Not that I haven't been happy with my efforts over the last two years since each attempt has taught me something about trying to capture this scene and given me clues about what I should try next time. In a way, I hope I never capture it the way I see it in my mind because it's the hunt that keeps me going back. Keeps me packing up my gear and heading out into the elements. It's the hunt that keeps me growing.

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