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Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Daily Oil Painting "Spoons" by Mark Nesmith

Mark Nesmith
Oil on oil primed linen panel
5" x 7"

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I'm not a really a bird watcher, but if you spend enough time around the coast you can't help but notice the abundance and variety of winged creatures hanging around.  These two Roseate Spoonbills recently caught my eye near the Bolivar Lighthouse just before the ferry to Galveston.

There are several wildlife preserves and bird sanctuaries on or near the Bolivar Peninsula, so each year thousands of birds stop off at the beach.  Spoonbills wade in the shallow coastal waters and tidal pools, swinging their bills side to side and sifting through the mud to feast on crustaceans, aquatic insects, frogs, newts and small fish.  Their vivid colors are a result of their diet and can range from pale pinks to bright reds and magentas and makes for great contrast against the green weeds and salt grass.

This small oil painting started as a pencil sketch.  I then laid in the darker values on the birds and the background.  The reflections and ripples in the water proved to be lots of fun to paint and I saved some of the juiciest brush strokes the foreground.

Horse 27 Four in a Row by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

  © G.O.D. Laurie Justus Pace      Graphics One Design 2014

Horse 27 Four in a Row
9 x 12 inches Oil on Canvas. SOLD
Available Paintings by Laurie Pace 

Well, I was working on a large 32 x 48 inch painting and I had some leftover paint.  I was brought up not to waste things so of course I had some prepared boards, this one had pages from my old Bible on it along with four pages from a western novel and it was all just 'sitting' there waiting for paint—patiently I might add.

So I brought this one over and began to work the paint, spinning the canvas and rotating it as I applied the paint.  Think it went well. As I posted on my website last night, it was only up about 30 seconds and someone bought it. BUT the good news is ... I listed several new pieces so go check them out.

Terry has been so busy building things in the backyard and I need to go out and take pictures to share.  I worked painting until near nine last night and had to prepare everything in photoshop so it was a late night for me working. Terry is creating such a gorgeous haven for us to relax in and I did spend an hour sitting outside with him as he worked building a picket fence.  He wins my heart over and over every day. 

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. Romans 13:8

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


© Graphics One Design 2014

"Into the Shadows" by Judy Wilder Dalton, Contemporary Fine Art

Into the Shadows

12"x12" Oil on Wood Panel


Judy Wilder Dalton


Daily Paintworks


Abstract Piano Art Painting Keyboard Painting Music by Texas Artist Debra Hurd

12"x16" Palette Knife Oil on Canvas

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bathing on the Dam by Joan Eure Fine Art

"Bathing on the Dam"
5x7 inch Pastel with Frame
$50.00 Plus tax and Shipping

I noticed these ducks on one of my trips back home.  
They were to cute not to paint.
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Center of the Storm - Original Contemporary Abstract Modern Art by Filomena de Andrade Booth

Center of the Storm by Filomena Booth Acrylic ~ 20" x 20" 
 Center of the Storm
Acrylic on canvas

Wired and ready to hang.  Framing is not needed

Original abstract painting
Texas Contemporary Abstract Artist
Filomena de Andrade Booth

Prints of this painting are now available.
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Get Your Spring Fix

I started this last Friday at the Lubbock Arts Festival, and worked on it all day Friday, Saturday and half a day Sunday.  It took me all morning to finish it up. I haven't done the sides or the varnish yet. I take the photo before varnishing. We are so ready for Spring flowers, and warm weather, I thought this was a good name! It is 18x24 and is available.

"Last Light" by Judy Wilder Dalton, Contemporary Fine Art

An Abstract Oil Landscape

Last Light



12"x12"x 1 1/2"

Oil on Wood Panel



Judy Wilder Dalton



Daily Paint Works

New "October Reflections" Palette Knife Painting by Niki Gulley

"October Reflections" ©2014 Niki Gulley
30" x 40" textured oil painting on gallery wrap canvas

Living in Dallas we are surrounded by concrete, but I have a couple of favorite spots that I go to when I want to be immersed in nature. This pond is always filled with lily pads that I enjoy painting in the spring, but I wanted to paint them in the autumn this time surrounded by the beautiful fall colors. I loved the contrast of the bright azure sky being reflected an inky blue in the water against the fiery reds in the foliage. Arranging the composition in a circular pattern to suggest harmony and tranquility, I hope you feel energized and rejuvenated gazing upon this peaceful oasis.

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Bull Rider Winner by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist | Barbara Haviland - Blog

Bull Rider Winner by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist | Barbara Haviland - Blog


Bull Rider Winner by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist

© Barbara Haviland
© Barbara Haviland
This cowboy has sold.  He actually won the event. I did not know this when I was taking his photo but he was the winner.   I have had fun with this series and I took 139 photos so I may come back to this.

Windblown Blue Iris and a Tour of My Iris Garden - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

Windblown Blue Iris
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

I'm supposed to be packing, I'm supposed to be resting for my big trip to my painting and art marketing workshop in the Texas Hill Country tomorrow, but I confess I'm having trouble tearing myself away from the easel. All these irises are calling my name! Yellows, blues, purples. Thank goodness for caffeine, that will be my friend when I'm driving to Fredericksburg.... Visit my art blog today for a tour of my iris garden, I can't believe all the color that has made an early appearance here. Tonight it will be in the 30s, I wonder how these will look tomorrow....

 The studio model take a dip and a bow!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where The Road Bends - An original plein air landscape by George De Chiara

Where The Road Bends ©
8x10 inches   Oil on panel
George De Chiara

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 It seems like forever since I've been able to get outdoors and paint. I've had a few projects in the studio keeping me busy lately, but I was finally able to find some time to get out. I found this scene along the back roads in Weatherford, Texas. I painted almost this same view once before, that time I was looking a little more towards the right and didn't have the road in it, but this time I felt the road added a nice element to help lead the eye into the painting. Plus, I didn't want to just repeat what I've already done.  It felt good to be out with the sun shining on me while I painted. I can't wait to get out again!

Bread and Wine - Original Contemporary Abstract Modern Art Wine Painting on Canvas by Texas Artist Filomena de Andrade Booth

Bread and Wine by Filomena Booth Mixed watermedia ~ 14" x 11" 
Bread and Wine
Mixed media on canvas

Original abstract painting
Texas Contemporary Abstract Artist
Filomena de Andrade Booth

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WIP Stage 3 "masterpieces to THE MASTER"

The Creation of Adam is a fresco painting by Michelangelo, forming part of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, painted circa 1511–1512.

The image of the near-touching hands of God and Adam has become iconic of humanity and has been reproduced in countless imitations and parodies.

The Creation of Adam is generally thought to depict the excerpt "God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him" (Gen. 1:27)

This is a mere attempt at an image created by one of the greatest artists of all time.

This stage of the overall piece brings another iconic image, that of the “Praying Hands” by Albrecht Durer, c. 1508, 11 ½” x 7 ¾”.

It was Durer that art historians recognize as initiating the Renaissance to the north.

The hands were a sketch for a larger painting and were those of an unnamed Apostle in that work. Medical analysis suggests that through their pathological features they express humanity’s suffering and dependence on divine aid. One physician has proposed that the hands have Dupuytren’s Contracture, a genetic disease that causes contracture of the fingers. When I told my wife, who has this disease, that this was proposed she said “even through all the pain I can still pray just like this.” I think it will become her mainstay as she suffers with this incurable and very painful disease, relying on the strength that only God can give.