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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jimmy Longacre_subjective realist landscape paintings_ INDIAN SUMMER

Painting in the studio, waiting for the weather to change. This one was a lot of jun. I've been wanting to do a format like this one.  With some studio time on my hands, I like to go back into past plein air studies, and select one to reconsider.  I try some different compositional ideas in a few notan sketches, until I hit on something that seems like it could make a strong painting.  Then, I try to work with a color idea that is more developed than I can do when speed painting in the field.  Finally, I try to apply things I'm working on to improve in some way.  In this case, I was trying for a more unified color feel and atmospheric effect.  This kind of exercise lets me re-imagine the scene and develop it according to my memory of the feeling I had while painting the study.

©Jimmy Longacre 2014
8X16 oil on canvas panel

Jimmy Longacre
subjective realist landscape paintings


"Dancing in the Breeze" Palette Knife Floral Painting by Niki Gulley

"Dancing in the Breeze" ©2015 Niki Gulley
10" x 12" textured oil painting 

I created this painting of purple Clematis on location at the Dallas Arboretum with palette knife and thick oil paint. It was so peaceful in the Poetry Garden, that it seemed like a perfect place to set up my easel. I liked the contrast of the cool purple in the flowers against the warm light of the textured wall behind them. Accentuating the circular design they were forming along with forming curving paint strokes, adds to a feeling of movement and energy, almost as if the petals are dancing in the breeze.

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Impressionism Cityscape Art Figurative Painting, Umbrella Paintings "Big Umbrellas" by Texas Artist Debra Hurd

Original Impressionism Cityscape Art Figurative Painting, Umbrella Paintings

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My New Print Store - Maple Cottage Hydrangea Garden - Flower Painting Classes and Workshops by Nancy Medina Art

Maple Cottage Hydrangea Garden
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Visit my new print shop

I'm so excited to announce my new print store has finally opened. Thanks so much to everyone who has been so patient over the years, waiting for prints that took quite some time to arrive. Good things happen for flower friends who wait!

In a few days, I'll also be launching a new daily painting journal on my new Web site, featuring my new print store, free painting videos for you, and lots of exciting new colors and moving parts.

Here's a sneak peek where you'll see much more in the future on my new web site. Let me know what you think, I always love so much to hear from you!

Untitled Floral by Kay Wyne

Floral Bouquet
12" x 12" Oil on Canvas
Contemporary Palette Knife Painting
This is one of my new contemporary floral still life paintings that is drying at the studio.  It has beautiful violets, muted whites, greys and olive greens in thick layers of oils.  The background has shades of pink, lavendar and greys that were brushed on and blended.  This painting would look great framed up and hung in  a bedroom or living area.  Contact ME for more info on this painting.  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New oil painting "Against the Sky" by Mark Nesmith

Against the Sky
Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas
10" x 8"
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As a boy I practically lived in the woods. There was a small pine forest behind my home in Beaumont, and I spent my time out of school in the woods building forts, climbing trees, racing, and just losing myself in the sights and sounds of nature. Later hiking trips through the Big Thicket only reinforced my love for the tall and graceful verticals of an East Texas pine. The sight of the towering pines against the sky has always entranced me, and to this day I feel my eyes and thoughts pulled to the shimmering sky seen through the branches of the pines when driving anywhere in SE or East Texas.It's a sight I've always felt compelled to paint and draw, but generally haven't felt much success with. 

Lately I've been wanting to take another stab at the woods and have been planning a few large canvases featuring the Big Thicket area. I've started to do a few small paintings to kind of find my path, so to speak.Here a couple of pines tower above the distant treeline and are silhouetted against the vibrant pink clouds at sunset. True to the form of my recent paintings this canvas has thick impasto with layers of color and textures.

Impressionist Little Girl Art Child at Beach Painting Figurative Paintings "Sarah's Joy"by Debra Hurd

 30"x15" Oil on Canvas/Commission

 This painting is SOLD, but commissions are welcome, click HERE for info.

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Blue Skies Above by Kay Wyne

Blue Skies Above
Contemporary Landscape Painting
24" x 36" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
I know we are all longing for warm, blue skies with the weather we have been having in Texas.  So today's post is a contemporary landscape painting.  It is very painterly.  I was generous with the paint, and used a wide brush to lay in the colors.  I was at the studio painting for ten hours straight yesterday, and completed two paintings, worked on a large painting, and forgot to take pics.  I am really excited about the two paintings that are signed and drying.  I have a 4 woman show coming up and need to have a dozen new pieces.  More on that later. This painting is hanging at Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas.  Comments or ME.  Thanks, Kay

Gray Day Terrain, New Contemporary Landscape Painting by Sheri Jones

Gray Day Terrain
8x10 oil on rammer canvas panel

I was in the Granbury area early on Saturday morning looking for a new place to paint. We found this perch on a cliff with great distant views.  I liked the soft colors from the cloudy day.  This was a quick study I created with a big brush. The winds were stronger up on this hill and really motivated this swift color study.  This is available for purchase. $225.00
Sheri Jones

Monday, March 2, 2015

Field of Sunshine

Field of Sunshine

"Field of Sunshine" name came to me when driving towards Mason, Texas and to see
such beauty.

Hoping to go back to this spot with easel in May.

20" x 16" Canvas
Original Oil Painting

Please contact about pricing:

Donna Bland

Jimmy Longacre_subjective realist landscape paintings_ IN FEBRUARY

Over the years, I've done more painting in Pedernales Falls State Park than anywhere else. It's where I started out years ago to begin learning to paint outdoors, and I've been there in every season and all kinds of weather. You could say it's been a love hate relationship. It can be a very harsh environment, and sometimes I actually feel I've just done everything I can with the place. That, of course, isn't true. It's just a matter of limited vision on my part. Still I go back, because it's close, and every now and then it teases me with something exciting.My copy goes here_

©Jimmy Longacre 2014
8X6 oil on canvas panel

Jimmy Longacre
subjective realist landscape paintings


Arms Filled With Sunshine by Bruce Bingham

Arms Filled With Sunshine
by Bruce Bingham
12 x 12 oil on museum board

Do you think this sunny and color filled painting might have
had something to do with spending a month in  Antarctica? 

I do!

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New beach landscape oil paintings "Bolivar Suite" by Mark Nesmith

"Bolivar Suite"
Oil on Four canvases, each 6" x 6"

Been awhile since I've shared anything here, but now that Spring is around the corner i find myself dreaming of the coast more and more. Those dreams are starting to work their way onto my canvases again. I know I posted some of these when I was making them a few months ago, but don't know if I shared the finished series. I call it "Bolivar Suite". Each of the four canvases is 6" x 6" and features the same view of Bolivar Flats with different light. These have been on display as part of my show in Baytown and are now listed on the Daily Paintworks site individually.  Hopefully we'll have warmer temps and some sun soon to enjoy our beautiful coast.  I've attached links to the Paintworks site if you'd like to view more or bid in the auctions.

Original Contemporary Modern Art Abstract Paintings by Filomena de Andrade Booth

Morning Rain
Acrylic on canvas


"Morning Rain" measures 36"x36".  This large painting is gallery-wrapped on 1.5" deep bars.  The painting wraps around the sides and does not need framing.  It is wired and ready to hang. 
A Certificate of Authenticity is included.
Free shipping within the U.S.

Thoughts of the promise of springtime were on my mind as I painted this large abstract painting.  Although the day outside my studio windows was cold, dreary and wet, I couldn't help thinking of those warm, moist days that lay ahead and refresh the earth.  In this part of the country, bluebonnets will soon carpet the nearby meadows and the freshly plowed fields will be clothed in green.
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Original Contemporary Abstract Painting
Filomena de Andrade Booth

Go Big, Go Bold! Abstract Painting Workshop 

Price: $350.00

Location: Highland Arts Guild
318 Main St.
Marble Falls, Texas 78654
This fun, 3-day workshop is for the intermediate and advanced artist who is familiar with painting in acrylics and wants to loosen up by  experimenting  with innovative techniques of applying and manipulating paint on canvas.   

We will begin each day with a demo and a short discussion on how to establish a good composition.  Once that is done, we will dive right in and start having fun by applying paint loosely with brushes, tools and even hands!  We will learn how to paint intuitively, allowing the painting to lead the way and establish its own "voice". 

Students are encouraged to work on large canvases,  allowing  them the freedom to break loose and enjoy the painting process with no stress and lots of fun!
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