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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs Lazy Susan by Kristine Kainer

Acrylic on Handmade MDF (Furniture Grade) Lazy Susan
14-inch Diameter

Yesterday, you saw my oysters on the half shell Lazy Susan which I made for my father's Christmas present.  Today, Mom's gift takes center stage.

I grew up along the Eastern Seaboard, thanks to my dad's military service.  Though I now reside in Texas, I am often homesick for the delicious fresh shellfish that was in abundance for most of my life. As a sweet reminder of our time near the Chesapeake Bay, I painted this Lazy Susan for my mom.  (Actually, this was originally for Dad--sorry, Dad!--but I struggled painting all those crustaceans and Christmas loomed.  I switched his subject in order to ship in a timely fashion.) Thus, Mom has the crabs (the Lazy Susan crabs, that is).

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Kristine Kainer

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