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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ann Hoffpauir - Watercolor Workshop

Blue Angel Fish

                                                Painted Views Ranch

                                                24229 Stillman Valley Road

                                                     Florence, Texas 76527


  Painted Views Ranch is hosting a three day watercolor workshop, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 22, 23 and 24, 2015 by artist Ann Hoffpauir.

  Ann is a full-time artist from Orange, Texas who paints is a realistic style.  Her superb paintings, done in different mediums, reflect a wide range of subjects.


  Although she works in many mediums, in this workshop Ann will be teaching watercolors.  The pouring method will be used in the classes, making the colors liquid and pouring them onto the misted wet paper.  Watching the liquid colors mix and swirl onto the wet paper is exciting, spontaneous and colorful. 

  You too can create wonderful works of art with this method.  Come and join her for an exciting and colorful way to paint.


  For more information and to register for her class, email,  Also visit her website,  Her blog site has a supply list available.
                                         WATERCOLOR SUPPLY LIST:
Brushes: Round -- # 4, 6, 8, 14, 32
                Flat ------# ½”,  ¾”,  1”,  2”
Colors: (tubes) -----6 tubes of the primary colors from any of the following:
                                 (A warm and cool of each primary color)
                                  Suggested colors:
              Blue--------Antwerp Blue (Windsor & Newton) cool blue
                                 Prussian Blue (Windsor & Newton) cool blue
                                 Royal Blue (Holbein) warm blue
                                 Cobalt Blue – a pure blue, leans toward warm
              Yellow-----Azo Yellow Medium (Van Gogh) warm yellow
                                 Permanent Yellow Lemon (Holbein) cool yellow
                                 Hansa Yellow Light (Da Vinci) cool yellow
               Red--------Permament Red (Holbein) warmish red
                                 Naphthol Red (Da Vinci) warmish red
                                 Quinacridone Rose (Windsor Newton) cool red
                                 Permanent Rose, (Windsor & Newton) cool red
                                 (You can bring all your watercolors if you like, but try & have a
                                  Warm color and a cool color of each)                                                       
Paper: 2 full sheets or 4 half sheets of Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.
Palette: One large size palette, large enough to mix colors on.
Masking Fluid: a new bottle of light colored art-masking fluid (less than 2 years old)
*Other: Gatorboard or any surface for taping down watercolor paper             Masking tape (tan) or clear packing tape
             3 small dishes for making colors liquid (i.e. plastic cups from Crystal Light)
                Or Windsor Newton artist cup-6 pack, at Hobby Lobby
             Several sheets of tracing paper, size about 15” x 12” or larger
             Hair dryer (optional)
             Medium size water sprayer
             A pair of scissors
             A roll of white paper towels or box of Kleenex
             Table salt
             Old beach or bath towel (to lay under painting to absorb any runoff water)
             Note tablet, pencil, pen, eraser and also a kneaded eraser


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