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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Old Split Ear's Challenge - Mule deer buck painting by Debbie Grayson Lincoln

12 X 12 Oil on MDF Board
SOLD to a Texas Collector
On our way back to the Thirty Mile Campground, we were surprised by an enormous Mule Deer that made his appearance as we rounded a blind turn. Mike braked the truck, knowing I would attempt a photo, and the buck hid behind a scrubby patch of firs as I fumbled for my camera. I was very lucky to get several terrific images. The White Tail deer in Texas are no match for the Mulies in Colorado size-wise (although I'm assuming the meat from both is quite tasty). It's like comparing a donkey to a draft horse. And in Texas we are overrun with does, because so many hunters want trophy bucks. Since we hunt strictly for the freezer, we prefer the does and usually leave the bucks alone (unless they are eating my peas. Then it's every man for himself...). This fellow had a notch in his ear, and I have no idea if he lost an earring or damaged it in a fight. I have a feeling he was tagged sometime in the past, though, and I do hope it means he'll be spared during hunting season. His spread was impressive, to be sure.

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