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Friday, November 10, 2017

"True Blue" Palette Knife Oil Painting from Santorini, Greece by Niki Gulley

"True Blue"©2017 Niki Gulley
10" x 8" oil painting  • SOLD

Just Sold! On our Art Trek to Greece, we chose to paint this iconic view of Santorini with the white orthodox church crowned by its blue dome, overlooking the ocean. The photographers dropped us off, as they continued back to Oia to shoot some more. While the scenery seemed simple, it proved challenging to paint the round dome on top of a hexagon base, and the three men removing the bells from the tower kept interrupting our scene (which we chose not to paint into the composition), but overall it was a beautiful morning and we were pretty happy with the results!

That afternoon we rode the cable cars to the port below and caught a boat cruise that ferried us across the bay and around the island at sunset. Stopping at the volcano, we hiked to the top, which was quite intriguing with its sci-fi type lava rock. Next we stopped at a hot spring for anyone who wanted to swim. And, finally we cruised around the island enjoying the view from the water, sipping some Greek wines and nibbling on some local meats and cheeses. A great end to the day!

On top of the volcano with Santorini in the background.

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