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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dichotomy | Lace Cactus Painting by Rebecca Zook

Art Therapy
Post 17

12" x 12" | Acrylic on Panel
Lace Hedgehog Cactus
Echinocereus reichenbachii

The dichotomy of cactuses has always fascinated me. Some of the toughest plants on the planet, they thrive where resources are scarce. Spines scream "don't mess with me". Not everyone sees the beauty inherent in their form. Then comes Spring and with it their undeniable allure. They erupt with vibrant blooms that span the spectrum. In the case of the Lace Cactus, a neon magenta-purple the size of the cactus itself. These short-lived, delicate as lace flowers providing the perfect contrast and the perfect lure for the beetles that pollinate them. I am fortunate that they grow wild in my yard.

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