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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

New Abstract Rose Painting by Palette Knife Artist Niki Gulley

Daily Painting #1

"A Rose by Any Other Name" #1 ©2020 Niki Gulley
5" x 5" textured acrylic painting

During the Coronavirus I ended up with extra time on my hands, so I decided to bring back my small textured painting for $100. Since it has been about ten years, I figured that it was time to start creating these small gems at attractive prices! My idea is to paint every day and sell it priced under $500, with the majority around $100. So this is the start of my daily series…

I have spent the last few years working on my garden and it has finally paid off.  My rose bushes have been bursting with color, just inviting me to jump right in and paint their stunning beauty. With each new blossom bursting forth, it draws me in all that much more. It is hard not be inspired to paint every day when you are surrounded by such beauty.

If you're interested in purchasing this painting and seeing a close up of its thick texture, just follow this link

If interested in framing options, please e-mail me.

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