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Fresh Clippings - Original Oil Painting by George De Chiara

Wildflower Bouquet by Sheri Jones

Memories - Acrylic on Canvas by Nathalie Kelley

Final Critique & Dinner - Santa Fe Workshop with Niki Gulley & Scott Williams

Sweet Cantaloupe and Sunflowers by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

To The Beach - Thaw Malin iii

Hot Terra Cotta by George De Chiara

Hillside Oak by David Forks


"The Pedernales Falls" 24x18 oil - Brian Lee

Sweet Smiles Sunflowers by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Sunrise at St. Ignace / Michigan by Martie Rains

G. H. Sluiceway - Thaw Malin iii

Summer Lotus by Sheri Jones

Day 5 – Plein Air Painting Workshop in Santa Fe with Niki Gulley

Water Lilies

Haul'n Hay

Prayer #2 Watercolor Painting by Svetlana Novikova

Dale's Gate / Tempe, AZ by Martie Rains

Red Roses

Purple Studio Irises by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Three Bald Cypress miniature | Barbara Haviland - Blog


O Happy Day by Leada Wood ©

Just Be Yourself

Warm Waterlilies by Sheri Jones

Santa Fe Painting Workshop with Niki Gulley - Day 4

Spring Valley by David Forks

Larry's Finnish Sauna | Barbara Haviland - Blog

Goldenrod of Summer - Thaw Malin iii

Gypsy Horse Painting

Maryann's Bike by Sheri Jones

Fishers of Men by Nathalie Kelley

Creamer and Sugar Bowl | Barbara Haviland - Blog

Walt Whitman, pencil drawing by Kirk Witmer

Poppy Daydreamers and a Dallas Arboretum Workshop by Texas Artist Nancy Medina


"Lake Travis View" 15x8 Oil - Brian Lee

Heart's Harmony Hydrangeas by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Wild by Mark Nesmith

Australian Billabong

Day 4 of Plein Air Painting / Photo Workshop in Santa Fe w/ Niki Gulley

What was I thinking?

Daisies and Fruit a Still Life | Barbara Haviland - Blog