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White Petunias on the Square Barbara Haviland--Texas Artist


Between the Lines with Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Coffee Pot from Olden Days by Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

Shangri-La landscape in oils, Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

Jones Creek Plein Air, landscape Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

Country Cabin, Landscape, Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

Red Bromelaid, flower by Barbara Haviland--Texas Artist

Colorado Barn and Mountains by Barbara Haviland - Texas Artist

Yellow Angel's Trumpet by Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

White Camellia Flower, by Barbara Haviland

Lighthouse at Dusk, Seascape, by Barbara Haviland

Lighthouse and Houses, Barbara Haviland

Port Ponchartrain Lighthouse, Barbara Haviland

Sunflowers 2, by Melissa A. Torres, 9x12 oil on gessobord

Lighthouse and the Sea Barbara Haviland

The Gate, landscape, Barbara Haviland