Coastal Interlace....Abstract... Pastel....Texas Artist...Rae Andrews

COASTAL INTERLACE  is a slightly larger abstract image than the previous ones I have posted. 

In going to a bigger format, I had to really concentrate on CONNECTION and make the top half of the painting still be a part of the lower areas.

The board on which this is painted is a RICHESON sanded board. I had a failed landscape on this and did not want to toss the good board. Another reason for using these VERY FORGIVING surfaces. i am fast falling in love with them.

I simply washed it down and scrubbed away with an old brush moving the old pastels around. It did not remove all the landscape, however when it dried, I partially pre - wet again in places, and droozled (love that word) my LIQUID ACRYLICS  over areas..I waited till it dried, some patterns were there for me to enhance, some others I needed to totally make up.

I had to gradually cover my surface with pastels. The underneath acrylics just glowed with the pastel overlay.
As with all these abstracts, it could be turned in all directions, some better than others.
I had to think long and hard in finding the best way to look at the image. 

I also spent a lot longer (than my previous smaller abstracts)  painting this one today; perhaps the size,  however I truly had to think on all the design elements with this one. I am happy with it, I hope you also like it..
Time for wine!

                                              Image size of this one is 11" x 14" (unframed)

                                                                        $300 inc. S/H


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